perfectionism-the enemy of creativity.

so i rarely post because all too often, my expectations of myself and “thinly slice” are far too ambitious. at least for this stage of this–maybe for any stage of life. knowing me and knowing my ability to set expectations for myself that are very out of reach…probably my hopes for how often i blog and the type of blog i create are…shall we say…a touch on the unattainable side?

this is why i haven’t posted in a while or on a regular basis. because when i anticipate not being able to do something *just so*, i end up putting it off. i say…oh, i’ll wait until tomorrow–i’ll wait until i have something really important to say. something profound. well, the reality is, most of my thoughts are not profound. and most of my reasons for starting this blog are not profound either. i started it to have a place to record some of my thoughts- the mundane and the obvious as well as the humorous (hopefully!) and maybe even the insightful. i started it because i wanted a forum to express myself in this vast sea of technology, most of which is limited (for me, at least) to voyeuristic relationships (thank you, Facebook) and bits and pieces of interesting news and thoughts through others’ blogs and sites.

so the problem with waiting on profundity…especially in the age of young motherhood…is that often profundity never comes. or if it does, there is a diaper to change or a little person in between your legs asking to snuggle (or bang on the keyboard). so waiting turns into doing nothing. and i don’t want to be a person who does nothing…just because what she might try might not be perfect.

so here’s to lower expectations. and kicking perfectionism in the pants. and more posts, be they brief or verbose…random and rambling.

because if i wait for perfection, i’ll wait forever. and better to try and at the very least, create, than not create at all.

i’m beginning to think perfectionism is the death creativity.


One thought on “perfectionism-the enemy of creativity.

  1. Catherine–I find your posts so refreshing and love reading your blog! I’m glad to hear you’ll be posting more often :). Hope that all is well. -Anna Kate

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