Slice of the day…well, weekend.

So, I had grand plans to write not one, but two, brilliant postings infused with humor and profundity…but, alas, as is often the case these days, my plans fizzled as the days progressed and various interruptions and distractions (such as a little person who refuses to be put down these days) took over. So, I’ll write a mini-post about just that, failed expectations. But don’t worry–this is a common “slice” of my day so if this reads in an unsatisfactory way, that’s because it is just that and there is more on this to come in the future.

So, slice of the day/weekend: Last night, S (aka The Man of the House) and I were super excited for a special night in (though, let’s be honest, staying in isn’t a rarity–nor is it something we resent- a baby is the best reason/excuse for being the homebodies we already were pre-LO) because we were making homemade pizza (Mark Bittmann’s pizza dough and super easy tomato sauce, anyone?) and cozying up on this snowy winter’s night with a movie. The dough was perfect- a little shaggy, a lot squishy– and the homemade sauce was simple and delicious with the perfect blend of tart crushed tomato and sweet onions. We’ve made homemade pizza before and yet, this pizza felt different. We patted and pushed and pulled the resilient dough across our pizza pan to just the thickness we desire. We spread our chunky tomato, onion, basil and paprika sauce across the pie’s oiled (olive) surface and sprinkled shredded mozzarella, chopped spinach and broccoli to just our liking. As we paused to take photographs of our beautiful creation, all of a sudden, the lights flickered and out went our power. And thus, our expectations, just like my expectations of being able to write not one, but two, sublime posts mixed with humor and poignancy over the course of the weekend, had to be readjusted.  As did our palates.

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy! ” (Robert Burns, To a Mouse)

(but never fear! the evening ended up being a lovely night of laughter and candlelight, and thanks to The Man of the House’s father, who gifts us with flashlights every Christmas, multiple sources of sufficient light. And, tonight, we are rooting again for our pizza and movie! Be on our sides power gods!)

(pictures of said gorgeous pizza are to come…)


3 thoughts on “Slice of the day…well, weekend.

  1. so classic! the power outtage didn’t stop the good times…and the pizza was well worth the wait (as was the homemade popcorn!).

    great “slice of the day”…keep them coming!

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